These days I’ve been talking to people about my project to write about Prosecco and wines of the Veneto, alongside cultural history and wines of the former Venetian empire. It has been interesting to discuss how far ‘the Prosecco trail’ may reach. The Dalmatian Coast, and its wonderful wines, is a likely place for the trail to extend.

In any case, I’ve been collecting examples of Terrazzo floors wherever I go. In my opinion the platonic ideal of terrazzo floors are found in Venice’s Ca’ Rezzonico, but you’ll also find some great examples in Crete, a possession of Venice between the years 1211 and 1669, which is incidentally is filled with charming ports where you can enjoy good wine against the backdrop of delightful Venetian architecture. The floors of Cretan captain’s houses often resemble those of a modern Venetian apartment in Chioggia. I know the histories of empires are pretty brutal, but I get a little feeling of connectedness every time I see an unexpected bit of terrazzo. It is, by the way, worth trying this semi-sparkling exotic take on Prosecco whose history I am trying to learn more about. It got me thinking about the Venetian empire in Greece where you’ll find a lot of Venetian architecture. Specifically wherever you find historic Venetian Terrazzo flooring, there’s a good chance you’re on ‘the Prosecco trail.’ The above hot pink portions of the ‘terrazzo map’ illustrates likely destinations.

Venetian Crete (Candia)
Ca’ Rezzonico’s superlative floors
Terrazzo in Crete

Terrazzo is all over the Croatian seaside towns that where ruled by Venice. The Croatian design icon Startas has even made a Grand Terrazzo edition of their classic kicks!

Croatian Terrazzo examples
Startas_Grand_Terrazzo_view_720x (1)
Terrazzo-print Startas

Startas, it so happens, is my preferred unisex sneaker brand to wear while enjoying a glass of prosecco.



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