Venice is the best known destination in the region, but I prefer the charming province of Treviso, which is home to Prosecco wine and Pinarello bicycles. La Strada del Prosecco (Prosecco Trail) would be perfect for an extended Venice trip.

A lot of cyclists and wine professionals mispronounce the name of the region, rhyming it with Benito, but it’s pronounced Vè-ne-to. As proof of the wine’s widely recognized awesomeness, I’ve yet to hear anyone mispronounce Prosecco.





The name comes from the town of Prosecco (pop.1,000) on the border with Slovenia and a stone’s throw from Croatia. Warning: I found out the hard way that you won’t find a lot of Prosecco production there any longer. For memorable flutes of Prosecco head to a family-run cantina in or around the town of Conegliano.




The Venitian hinterland is full of wistful and elegant attractions that match the subdued charectar of this corner of Italy. I’m in awe of the visionary modern architecture of Carlo Scarpa, try the unlikely Brion Cemetery near Treviso, and the residence of the last Doge of Venice at Villa Manin near Udine. These are worthwhile northern Italian gems. They’re not things I claim to taste in a glass of Prosecco, but I never would have discovered them if I hadn’t been chasing the bubbles.







Today I’ll drink a few glasses of Conegliano Valdobbiadene Superiore DOCG to start out the week well.

Join in!

10 thoughts on “VENETO

  1. Grazie per il blog. Mi piace tanto il Prosecco ma come sono un straniero non ho saputo tante cose della storia.
    Secondo me il Prosecco uno delle cose che il Dio creatore ha lasciato per darci un sorriso.

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